CINEFLIX - Movie/Tv Show Streaming Script

Price: 29$
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CINEFLIX is a movie and tv shows streaming platform perfect for watching online movies & tv shows websites.

Powerful and very easy to use, import all movies and tv shows details with only one click. Import seasons and episodes details from TheMovieDB.Org.



  • Automation: CINEFLIX can import all movies and tv shows, season, episode details with one click.
  • Content Management: All content (movies, tv shows, seasons, episodes, videos, pages, ads) can be created and edited from admin panel.
  • Admin Panel: Powerful admin panel that allows you to configure the site to your needs, edit pages, users, give permissions and many more.
  • Ads: CINEFLIX have 2 built in ads, only paste your ad code and start monetise your streaming platform.
  • Responsive Design: CINEFLIX is developed with a professional design which looks awesome on any screen and device.
Admin/User Login Credentials for Demo

Email: [email protected]

Password: asdfghjkl

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